Detailed projects description

Detailed projects description


CMS 2.0

The Central Service Hub is a fundamental component of the entire communication infrastructure of public administration. It provides mutual, managed and secure interconnection between public and state administration bodies and their communication with other entities in external networks such as the internet or EU communication infrastructure.


The Communication Infrastructure of Public Administration is a unified data network for the bodies of the Czech public and state administration. At the heart of this communication infrastructure is the CMS system, which serves as the sole point of contact between the state network infrastructure and the telecommunications infrastructure of commercial operators. KIVS is used for the secure, guaranteed and auditable exchange of information between individual public administration bodies.


The Modular Registry for Information Systems is a system that can be used to develop further supporting application modules for the basic registers and for the effective implementation of legal requirements, EU regulations and other requirements beyond the scope of Act No. 111/2009 Coll., on basic registries.

The MORIS project also includes NIA, the National Identity Authority used to identify entities.


The central electronic point of entry for communication between Czech citizens and authorities. It has been developed as an extension of the public administration portal (also called PVS 2.0), which is fully available to citizens, particularly with respect to Act No. 365/2000 Coll., on information systems in public administration, which enables citizens to learn which of their data is being kept in the state’s departmental systems.


Integrated Rescue System

ITS ngn

ITS = Integrated telecommunication network. Modernisation of the Ministry of the Interior’s critical infrastructure. Expansion of the current ITS network with new lines that are not geographically parallel with the resulting redundancy ring created across the Czech Republic. In the regions, a redundancy ring was created in the network in the triangle formed by the Police, Fire Brigade and Medical Service. This infrastructure is also used to provide DWDM and MPLS services. The network is used for data and voice services.


Establishment and modernisation of the operational centres of the Czech Fire Brigade. In the project, the operational centres of the Czech Fire Brigade were equipped with the information and communication technology needed to turn them into modern workplaces.


The National Information System operates a unified system and technology platform and enables the exchange of operational data among the components of the Integrated Rescue System. Standardisation and the deployment of a single technology platform improve the mutual coordination (interoperability) of the individual components of the Integrated Rescue System when dispatching people and equipment to emergencies.


The PEGAS radiocommunication system is a non-public communication network for mobile terrestrial radiocommunication. The network is primarily intended for communication among the components of the Integrated Rescue System: the Police, the Fire Brigade and the Medical Service. The system is also used by some other security-related public administration and self-government bodies. The priority service in this system is group communication, including emergency calls for the dispatchers of the Integrated Rescue System. Other services include direct and transmitted communication, individual calls, conference calls, the transfer of short data messages and sending queries to the databases of the Police of the Czech Republic.


Departmental systems


eGovernment Supervision Centre


The Economic Information System of the Ministry of the Interior provides support to activities within the economic, HR and payroll agenda and other supporting functions important for the Ministry, its parts and related organisations.


The State Service Information System contains a directory of state employees, keeps track of examinations of civil servants, offers a portal for registering for the examination and provides a current overview of job postings. Similarly to EKIS, the core of ISoSS is based on the SAP technology.


We provide a wide range of consultation services in ICT to the Ministry of the Interior.