NAKIT designs innovative and secure solutions that respond to the latest trends in ICT. The agency is a partner of technology vendors in the areas of cybersecurity and specific aspects of network, application and cloud infrastructure.

Infrastructure services Application services Cybersecurity Lifecycle of ICT services

Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services include everything related to the design, implementation and operation of technical means behind communication and information technologies, in particular:

  • transmission networks
  • mobile networks
  • data centres
  • IT infrastructure including operating systems, virtualisation and database platforms
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Application services

NAKIT is a system integrator of application services. We participate in the development of applications as a third party providing additional services or develop and fully manage our own applications.

  • Integrator services
  • enterprise architecture – management of high-level application architecture, development methodology, supervision and review, integration of application solutions
  • business analysis – meeting customer requirements in software solutions
  • continuous delivery and integration (CD/CI pipeline) – source code supervision and versioning, automatic orchestration during building, automated testing and deployment in test and production environments
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Cybernetic security services are an integral part of infrastructure and application services. They are also a separate product supplied by NAKIT, regardless of whether it is also responsible for the technical operation of the infrastructure and applications.

Cybersecurity services include in particular

Supervision centre services:

  • basic supervision service
  • identification of cybersecurity incidents and events
  • operation of supervision tools
  • security system management
  • special and forensic analyse
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Lifecycle of ICT services

NAKIT services are provided through five basic activities that correspond to the lifecycle of ICT services and the corresponding infrastructure and technology units.

  • Mapping
  • Strategy
  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Operation
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