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EGOVERNMENT Integrated Rescue System Departmental systems Detailed project description


A communication and information environment for public administration.

  • CMS – Central Service Hub for public administration
  • DCeGov – eGovernment supervision centre
  • KIVS – communication infrastructure for public administration
  • MORIS – modular register for information system
  • Portál občana – central hub for electronic communication between Czech citizens and authorities


Detailed project description

Integrated Rescue System

Communication and information environment for the Integrated Rescue System and security forces.

  • ITS/ITS NGN – fixed voice and data services for public administration
  • KSP – development and modernisation of the operational centres of the Czech Fire Brigade
  • NIS – integration of the operational centres of the Integrated Rescue System
  • PEGAS – mobile radiocommunication services for the Integrated Rescue System


Detailed project description

Departmental systems

Internal ICT systems within the Ministry of the Interior.

  • EKIS – economic information system of the Ministry of the Interior
  • ISoSS – state service information system


Detailed project description