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National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies

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Our mission

To provide useful and secure services.


NAKIT is a strategic partner of the state providing communication and information services for public administration and eGovernment.

Agency management

Jan Ďoubal

NAKIT Director

Antonín Chlum

Director of Finance and Property

Vladimír Rohel

Director of Security

Michal Šmejkal

Director of Information and Communication Technology

Vladimír Chrástecký

Director of Legal Services

Ivo Plný

Director of Delivery

Marek Vodenka

Director of Strategy and ICT Development


The Czech Post subsidiary ICT Services was established on 27 April 2012 by a decree of the Director General of Czech Post. It was founded as a result of the growing importance of eGovernment and electronic communication in ICT projects in public administration. The ICT Services subsidiary primarily focused on public administration ICT projects related to the operation and development of the state’s critical infrastructure, as well as the hosting and housing of systems and applications.

On 1 July 2016, the subsidiary merged with the National Agency for Communication and Information Technologies, which took over all the rights and obligations of ICT Services.

Supervisory Board

Ing. Vilibald Knob


Deputy Minister of the Economis and Operations, Ministry of Interior

Ing. Pavel Čech, DiS.


Elected by NAKIT Employees

brig. gen. Ing. Petr Ošlejšek, Ph.D.


Deputy Director General for Integrated Rescue System, Czech Fire Brigade

Lukáš Kolářík


Deputy Minister, Ministry of Interior

brig. gen. JUDr. David Fulka, MBA


Deputy Chief of Police for Human Resources, Information and Communication Technology and Innovation

Ing. František Karas


Elected by NAKIT Employees

Public procurement

Portal of public tenders announced by NAKIT – enter HERE (Czech version)

Annual reports

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Annual report for 2017 (English version)

Annual report for 2016 (Czech version)